Precision THERMAL System

Hot Air Technology Sdn Bhd has been designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial ovens and other heating equipments since its incorporation on year 2000. Our superior product quality and commitment to customer's service have made us one of the leading oven manufacturers in South East Asia region. Below are some of the outstanding features of our ovens which excel HOT AIR TECHNOLOGY above other oven manufacturer.

Temperature Range

50ˇăC to 400ˇăC

Precision Heating

High level of temperature stability +- 1ˇăC and uniformity +- 2ˇăC are achievable by using latest technology such as brilliant PID, fuzzy logic controller, SCR or SSR for electrical heater or modulation burner.

Customized Design

With complete range of instrument such as temperature recorder and air flow meter, we can simulate customer's process in our laboratory oven and perfect their specification prior to actual manufacturing process.

Process Repeatability

Minimum Maintenance

Proper Documentation

User Friendly

Typical Application

Type of Oven

Heat Source



Batch Oven


Conveyorized Oven

  • Infrared Heater
    • Quartz type
    • Black ceramic type

  • Turbular Heater

  • Finned Heater

  • LPG Burner


  • Epoxy Paint (water or solvent base)
  • Powder Coating
  • Automotive fuel filter
  • Transformer
  • Electrical motor
  • Handphone key switch


  • Drying of metal & plastic part after washing
  • Drying of ceramic tile after polishing
  • Water volume reducer
  • Silk screening of metal and plastic parts


  • Positive plate for automotive battery
  • PE film shrinkage

Heat Treating

  • Stress relief of metal fatigue
  • Aluminium aging